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Federal Reserve Talks and GDP Numbers Stall Stocks in Today’s Market

On Wednesday, the US stock market displayed a mixed performance as investors grappled with the prospect of the Federal Reserve implementing an earlier-than-expected interest rate cut. Additionally, updated data revealed a faster growth rate in the US economy for the third quarter than previously reported. The Dow Jones Industrial Average...


Black Friday Investing: Unveiling U.S. Stock Market Hours and Insights

Traders who are actively engaged in the market might have to postpone their Black Friday shopping plans until after the markets close. While employees in many non-retail sectors enjoy a four-day weekend by taking off on Black Friday, financial markets will be open for a shortened trading day following Thanksgiving....


Thanksgiving Pause: U.S. Stock Trading Takes a Break, Global Markets Rise

Global stock markets experienced a positive trend on Thursday, fueled by investor confidence in the belief that the Federal Reserve has completed its series of interest rate hikes to counter inflation. This sentiment, supportive of equities, prevailed as U.S. markets remained closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, slated to resume on...