How to Track Trading Performance in NinjaTrader 8 – Part 14

So you’ve configured your chart, set up a data feed, and you’ve placed a few live trades. You think you’re onto something – you see patterns in the market and have correctly guessed winning trades. How much were all of those winning trades worth? NinjaTrader’s Account Performance tool can quickly generate a report indicating your overall trading performance or lack thereof. Open up a Trade Performance window by going to NinjaTrader’s Control Center > New > Trade Performance. Notice the two date fields in the top-right of the window. Specify a “from” and “to” date for the report. The report is inclusive of these two dates. Then click Generate. In the area below, you’ll see a breakdown of your progress thus far.

The most telling of your preference is the following:

Net profit (total amount remaining after deductions, e.g. broker fees)
Gross profit and loss (total amount before deductions)
Total # of winning trades
Total # of losing trades
Ratio avg. win / avg. loss

Remember that NinjaTrader allows you to reset this data. You can also specify a starting account size (by default, there is $100,000 of simulated money). The broker cost can also be modified to more accurately represent true trading costs. Then you can generate a new trading performance report.

If you’re sim trading the E-mini S&P, each tick is worth $12.50. There are four ticks in a point. Therefore, a point is worth $50. For an E-mini Account Performance report, remember to divide some of the fields by $12.50 to manually calculate the number of trades.

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