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Let Price Action Tell You Where the Trades Are

Trading using price action trading methods means to listen to what price is telling you. Nothing else matters. When using the ATR (Average True Range) to determine your profit target (profit goal) and stop loss (maximum risk) on each trade, you’re allowing price to do the work for you. That’s...


2 Active Trades at Same Time

What happens when two separate day trading systems produce buy or sell signals around the same time? Do you exit your original position? Do you double-down on your original position? Do you take the additional trade and refrain from touching the existing trade? The above video explains the DayTradetoWin price...


What’s the Secret to Day Trading?

The goal of trading is consistent profitability that significantly outweighs loss and trading-related costs. Income surplus, lack of debt, and financial independence are dreams for most people. Understandably, trading draws many people in due to the relatively low cost and requirements. Many people have personal computers capable of running day...