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GameStop Stock on Fire: Surges for a Second Straight Day

GameStop shares soared 74% on Monday after a social media post by Roaring Kitty. GameStop shares continued their rally in premarket trading on Tuesday, extending gains after the investor famously associated with the company’s 2021 surge posted on social media for the first time in three years. GameStop shares (GME)...

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With Stocks Nearing Peaks, Options Market Sees Return of Complacency

As stocks resume their upward climb towards record highs following a brief April downturn, a sense of complacency is returning to options markets. This shift is evident in the decreasing prices of hedges designed to protect investors’ portfolios against potential market pullbacks or crashes. Rocky Fishman, founder of Asym 500,...

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Decoding S&P 500: Anticipating 1% Annual Returns Ahead

The Threat Posed by Surging Profit Margins to Stocks The upward trajectory of corporate profit margins, while currently advantageous, cannot be sustained indefinitely, potentially signaling trouble for the stock market. Recent data from S&P Dow Jones Indices reveals that the S&P 500’s operating profit margin for the first quarter of...