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Hold or Sell? Exploring the Case for Keeping Your Stocks

Sectors that typically experience a surge towards the end of bull markets are currently showing signs of lagging behind. Despite a week of volatile trading sessions, the primary trend in the U.S. stock market remains upward. This conclusion is supported by the sector relative-strength rankings, which have remained positive despite...


Inflation Jitters Shake Markets: S&P 500 Braces for Worst Month in Years

Bob Elliott, Chief Investment Officer at Unlimited Funds, underscores the Federal Reserve’s challenge amid the recent surge in commodity prices. Bond yields have risen sharply this month, reflecting concerns about persistent inflationary pressures amidst a thriving economy. This development marks a notable setback for the prevailing bullish trend in the...


On the Horizon: Five Reasons to Believe the Stock Market’s ‘Painful’ Retreat Is Coming to a Close

The performance of U.S. stocks lately isn’t exactly flattering. Despite starting strong, they consistently close lower, sending concerning signals about the overall market health. Thursday marked the fourth consecutive session where the S&P 500 experienced this reversal trend, the longest such streak in six years, indicating significant underlying issues despite...