Roadmap: A Price Action GPS For Your Chart

When you’re driving down the road, having a GPS, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, or whatever system, can be indispensable. You kind find faster routes, avoid traffic and speed traps. Wouldn’t it be great to have something like that for your day trading charts? That’s what the Roadmap software from DayTradetoWin aims to provide: clear “lines” to avoid or “drive” between as well as clear indicators of “when” and “how” to make your moves.

By this, we mean the Atlas Line provides different zones. These zones are key points where price is expected to move differently; either retrace or strongly push through. As such, one type of Roadmap entry is when price moves from zone to zone. Another type is the Long or Short signal that will appear according to the underlying mechanics.

You see, the Roadmap is based on the idea that price has to reach an equilibrium with buying and selling. These points of convergence or divergence are the Roadmap zones. There are four of them: A, B, C, and D. They can appear in two colors, indicating bearish (down) or bullish (up) activity. Indeed, the Roadmap can identify trend and counter trend opportunities. Because these zone lines are so useful, you can filter out potential losing trades or confirm potential winning direction by combining it with another powerful tool, such as the Atlas Line.

How do you learn the Roadmap? Right now, the only way to add this day trading indicator to your “dashboard (aka chart) is to enroll in DayTradeToWin’s eight-week Mentorship Program. Mentorship is a fully comprehensive trading school that takes you from A to Z, putting you behind the wheel of many powerful price action trading methods. You’re given all the pieces and taught how to construct them into one complete form. What would you do with 10+ trading methods at your disposal, fully understood? How would you see the markets? Yes, the 8-Week Mentorship Program opens entirely new dimensions of possibility.

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