Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, & More: Price Action Trends

Have you ever scrolled back through your charts and noticed those days that constantly rose or dropped throughout the day? Those are trending days. They’re usually not as common as days that have some chop with bursts of short “trends,” if you can call them that. It’s not possible to know 100% if a particular day will be trending day, up or down.

Yes, there is a tendency, such as during Election Day, to observe the market react positively or negatively to some news event, but whether the market moves up or down may surprise you. Eventually, you may come to realize that trading “for the trend” or in hopes of a trend occurring is not a good way to trade. The hindsight factor may skew your reasoning, among other things, such as, the concern the trend will stop or a temporary retracement will stop out your position.

The reason why day trading signal systems are so popular is that they give you an indication of where price may go ahead of time. The goal is to take the guesswork out. This is true for the DayTradeToWin trading systems: the Atlas Line, ATO 2, ABC, and Trade Scalper. Generally, these trading systems work by recognizing certain patterns that were observed to exist consistently enough before a consistent up or down movement occurs. Just because this may have been the case in the past does not mean that those patterns will be sufficiently predictive in the future. That’s the nature of trading and all trading systems.

DayTradeToWin’s trading systems are designed to work together harmoniously. Yes, sometimes, they will disagree. By all means, skip out on those trades. However, if you see multiple system agreeing to “go long” around the same time, that can be seen as an indication with greater confidence that price will, indeed, rise! This has been demonstrated in many of John Paul’s trading videos over the years. He’s shown these signal systems working for the E-mini and many other markets on a regular basis.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to make sure you are financially situated in such a way to comfortably and responsibly trade high risk markets. It’s also up to you to pull the trigger and execute orders. None of the trading systems place trades for you. Once you learn the rules, you’ll need to make a quick decision, or not much decision at all if you are objectively following what you’re taught.

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