S&P 500 Goes Long to New Heights + Winning Signals

If you were one of the traders who kept betting the market would go short, I hope you quit trading early or changed your positions. The Atlas Line and Trade Scalper software from DayTradeToWin correctly predicted where price would go. This was one of those big up trending days. Indeed, we saw no shortage of signals. The Atlas Line provided plenty, including an early main Long signal early on followed by abundant Strength and Pullback signals. The Atlas Line makes it look easy.

The Atlas Line can be used for scalping, but what if you want a dedicated scalping method? What if you want to go for many quick trades all the time each with a small profit potential? That’s when you’d use the Trade Scalper. That’s covered in the video at the 3:30 mark. There’s not much configuration needed. You could adjust the filter if you want to filter out signals when the market is too slow (i.e. when the ATR is below a specific value). You can apply the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line to the same 1-minute or 5-minute chart. What chart type you use will be based on preference and current market conditions. The 1-minue chart is better under fast conditions.

You could purchase both methods with Lifetime Licenses individually or you could go with the 8-Week Mentorship Program and get all courses and software with Lifetime licenses. When considering what you get with the complete package, Mentorship is the best value. Some methods are exclusive to the day trading school, such as the Blueprint and Roadmap. It’s best to have a complete trading plan rather than hitting roadblocks, guessing, and getting frustrated. With Mentorship, you get training videos for each class. Training is twice a week. If you’re serious about trading, it’s the most comprehensive and complete package offered by DayTradeToWin, an educational company in the trading space that’s been active for over a decade.

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