Best Way to Trade Multiple Chart Types in NinjaTrader 8

Want to have multiple chart types in a single chart? It’s possible. Some traders prefer to trade this way rather than using multiple chart windows. The benefit, here, is that you can vertically compare candles and signals. Traders who use DayTradeToWin trading strategies often look for multiple indications the market is expected to move in a certain direction. These indications could be signals or other visual cues. It’s not uncommon for the Atlas Line, ATO 2, and Trade Scalper to provide signals that line up. Thus, the benefit of this chart setup is known.

The example provided here is a 2-Range chart and a 1-Minute chart. The 2-Range chart can move very quickly. It’s imperative to place an order quickly. If you were using multiple tabs, for instance, cycling among the tabs may take away from valuable time.

If you ever wanted to know what the powerful X-5 trading method is, jump to 9:48 for a description. It’s also called the Floor Trader Secrets Manual. There were once floor traders and they came together to manipulate the market in various ways. The X-5 capitalizes on those patterns that still occur without human traders in the Chicago pit.

Another piece of software you’ll see in this video is the Roadmap, which is very important to the price action trading approach taught by John Paul at DayTradeToWin. As its name indicates, it provides a forward-looking plan as to guide the direction of your trading. Price Zones indicate either speed bumps or acceleration opportunities. The signals generated by the Roadmap are unique as well. In the 8-Week Mentorship Program, students are taught how the Roadmap can be a primary filter. If the Roadmap and Atlas Line match up – great! If the ATO 2 does, too – even better!

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