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Multiple Trading Systems = Multiple Opinions

Every day, if you had to make costly decisions worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, wouldn’t you want a “second opinion” for each of those decisions? If we seek out the expertise of medical professionals for second opinions when facing crucial life-impacting decision-making, would we not do the same during...


Have You Seen This E-mini Trading Video?

If you take a look at this video, you can see three signals from two trading systems: Atlas Line and Trade Scalper. These trading systems are found exclusively through the DayTradeToWin.com website. After purchase, you can plug them right into your chart and see signals. If you need real-time futures...


What is Price Action Trading? Reacting Based on Price

Above, we have one of the simplest definitions of what price action trading is. Price action trading does not mean you actually have to place a trade. If you are observing price on a chart and are making decisions based on what you see, you can call yourself a price...