What is Price Action Trading? Reacting Based on Price

Above, we have one of the simplest definitions of what price action trading is. Price action trading does not mean you actually have to place a trade. If you are observing price on a chart and are making decisions based on what you see, you can call yourself a price action trader. DayTradeToWin.com goes many steps further, as all courses and software are based on very specific rules concerning price action.

This video from today is one example…

The Atlas Line uses its own calculations that are all based on recent price movement. In addition, the line does not change direction throughout the day. It is constant. Therefore, you have the ability to rely on a non-changing indicator throughout the day. When price is above the line, look for long signals/opportunities with the Atlas Line or another reliable trading system, like the Trade Scalper seen here.

When using price action or any day trading strategy that’s taught with specific rules, chances are, those rules are taught for a reason. Straying from a tested methodology may have drastic consequences. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather get my information based on years of experience trading and that of my clients. That’s exactly what DayTradeToWin provides with their courses and software.

As seen around the 4:00 mark, if one had deviated too far from the fundamentals and closed out the trade early, that would have been a loss. If one had stopped trading based on the first Atlas Line signal, that would have been a loss. See the pattern? Winning opportunities emerge if you think like a winner and observe the market like a winner using price action.

Remember to check out all of DayTradeToWin’s trading courses and software including the eight-week Mentorship Program. It’s the fastest way to get up to speed on how to trade using an all-inclusive approach with over 10 strategies designed for daily success in the markets.

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