Free Trading Method: 17+ Points Monthly in Video

Looking for a free trading method to provide an edge to your trading? Watch the latest video from Learn about the free January Effect strategy, fully described in the video below. The method pulled massive trades in the last few months. As the method states, price is continued to move up by the end of the year. This means we may be looking at continued big winning moves.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

  • March 2017: +18 to +40 points
  • May 2017: +18 to +30 points
  • June 2017: +17 to +24 points

Will July continue the consistency? Watch the video to see John Paul’s prediction. Of course, no trading method can guarantee profit. These are educated guesses based on past performance, which is not indicative of future results. When holding positions over multiple days, your brokerage account may require more funding due to the additional risk. Check with your licensed broker and a financial expert to see if this style of trading is a good fit for you.

The easiest way to describe the January Effect is this: if January closed higher than it opened, expect price to also rise throughout the year for a higher close in December. To see if the January Effect applies, you’ll have to at least be in February and look back on the last month. Of course, we now have the advantage of looking back at half the year to see if this strategy was successful in finding trades. How can the January Effect be used to find trades? Well, if the rule is active and states price is expected to climb, look for periods where price has fallen. Get in on the way back up (the retracement).

Free Trading Method Explained

In addition, John Paul says it’s best to enter halfway on the way back up. He uses NinjaTrader’s Fibonacci tool to find the 50% level. The 100% level can either point to the recent high or recent low. Once you’re in, it may take several days for price to approach your profit target (near the most recent high). Again, the trade may go against you, so watch the video or email John Paul with questions about stop loss and mitigating risk. Pretty simple for a free trading method, right?

Finally, if you want a complete picture of all the DayTradeToWin courses and strategies beyond this free trading method, check out the eight-week Mentorship Program. The next class date is posted here. All courses and software are provided with eight weeks of live training. Each session is recorded. In the future, you can always log in and play back the recording. You’ll learn 10+ techniques to find and filter trades in futures and currencies, including the E-mini S&P. There’s never been a more exciting time to trade, and the Mentorship Program can provide the insight and confidence you need to make trading an enjoyable and successful experience.


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