Free Trading Method: January Effect for 2018

In this video, John Paul discusses the January Effect, which is a free trading method with simple rules. Basically, we’re waiting to see if the E-mini closes higher on January 31, 2018 than the opening price on January 2, 2018. If price does close higher, then the January Effect says that 2018 will be an “up year” overall. Because the year is expected to trend up, John Paul believes that it’s worthwhile to look for long (buy) trading opportunities after consecutive days of selling (bearish) activity. By using the Fibonacci tool, it’s possible to apply visual indicators that help determine the point of entry. Follow the steps in the video.

Experiment with this free trading method in other markets. You may be surprised at what you find! Look for a minimum of three to four consecutive days of bearish activity. When price begins to surpass the 50% level on the way up, that’s your entry point. John Paul says that markets like to revisit levels they’ve previously reached. This is why the Fibonacii tool is configured to use a 100% level near the most recent high. Yes, conversely, you can use that for the bottom of the bearish trend. It’s really the 50% level that matters the most, and that will always be halfway.

Free Trading Method Alternatives

If you want to see how the ATO 2 and Atlas Line performed early in 2018, go to 22:40. Long signals were produced by both. These real-time signals were generated for everyone to see in the live webinar. Other DayTradeToWin clients should have seen the same signals. Occasionally, John Paul will take live trades in webinars. However, in this case, he was busy demonstrating the January Effect. When it comes to trading multiple signals, generally he advises taking whichever one appears first.

The eight-week Mentorship Program teaches about 10 different strategies. These are far better than the free trading method options you’ve seen. He will teach you how to filter out potential losing trades and pick potential winners. The goal is to turn you into an independent, professional.

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