Best Trading Computer Performance Tips

Many day traders have many windows open on their computer screens. How do you create a clean layout? The tedious (wrong) way is to spend a whole bunch of time manually dragging everything into place. A faster way is to let a window management utility do that for you. In the following video, a couple recommendations are made.

Essentially, the Divvy program is recommended over the other window manager apps. Divvy presents a grid resembling a computer screen. By selecting a window and dragging in the grid, you both place and resize the window. It makes more sense when you see it in action. If you have one screen and want to look at multiple charts, you can really maximize your screen real estate using the program. When you’re done, you can use your charting software to save the layout (i.e. workspace in NinjaTrader).

This next video discusses optimizations to the Windows operating system (OS) itself. These are privacy tweaks that can have a positive impact on trading software performance. You free up system resources. These resources are room for more CPU activity and memory space. Other applications, including your trading software, can make use of the resources.

Since you will be disabling Windows components, be careful. Read the descriptions and consider if the change will have an undesired effect. Before making any changes, create a restore point. If a problem occurs, revert to that restore point. Also, focus on the items that have a green check mark. The yellow/orange and red items may have bigger consequences.

The Windows OS performs a lot of hidden tasks in the background, including communicating with its servers regarding what you’re doing. If anything, you probably want a bit of privacy and that’s exactly what both of the Windows privacy apps provide.

Learn how to improve your trading computer further here.

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