Two Trading Systems Back to Back: Price Action Futures

There are so many trading systems out there. How do you know which one is right for you? What indications do you have that they actually work in the markets? DayTradeToWin, for 10+ years, has produced hundreds of videos showing both historical and real-time signals. These signals include the ATO 2, Trade Scalper, and Atlas Line. And on occasion, you may see the Roadmap and other exclusive methods from the eight-week Mentorship Program.

Let’s take a look and review’s latest day trading signal systems…

Right away, we can see the Atlas Line software and four signals it produced during one particular morning. Each of these signals looks to be a success. For example, we see price drop almost immediately after the signal appears. That’s a great sign. You may want to pay close attention to the remaining signals, including those causing two real-time trades later in the video.

Indeed, the Trade Scalper produces two signals that are capitalized on in real-time. Scalping is different than other styles of trading. If you’re someone who wants to risk less and potentially win less on each trade and have more opportunities, scalping is probably a good fit for you. As you can see, these two trades are over fast. They’re worth about a point each. Within the first couple hours of the day, you can see six or more signals on average.

What some traders do is combine both trading systems. Why is that? Well, the Atlas Line’s signals are good on their own, as are the Trade Scalper’s. When used together, the Atlas Line can provide the overall anticipated price direction. You can then find scalping opportunities that match this direction as well as line up with the Atlas Line signals. This double or tripling confirmation effect is desirable.

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