What’s the Fastest Way to Day Trade Futures?

Scalping is a style of day trading that focuses on executing trades quickly. Often times that means going for many trades of relatively low value. However, multiple wins can satisfy a day’s goal of multiple points of profit. That said, there are no guarantees that any trading method will yield your own private island and endless champagne. As with anything new that you’re learning or trying, taking it slowly and observing yourself and the outcome is probably for the best.

Some scalping day trading systems focus on just a few ticks of profit. Others focus on multiple points. The profit target has to be flexible enough to allow enough breathing room or room for price to fluctuate. Otherwise, you’re going to need a trading method that is going to almost always take off in the desired direction and do nothing but that for several minutes. If you’ve observed price candles for some time, you have likely seen how price can can go the opposite way and tag stop losses even during trends towards the profit target goal.

The significance of the video above is how a scalping trade was done and over with so quickly. About two minutes is all it took. This move was worth about two points. The ATR (Average True Range) decides the profit target and whether the particular chart/market is tradeable. Essentially, the ATR gave a green light for this trade and decided that two points was a reasonable profit target. This is John Paul’s Trade Scalper method.

Let’s say that you don’t care about trading quickly – that you prefer being done trading for the day in the morning and then going on about your day, whatever that may include. DayTradeToWin has a separate trading method called the ATO 2 (At the Open 2) that’s now exclusive to the 8-Week Mentorship Program. The ATO 2 is a price action method that “looks at” the initial price activity soon after the market opens. Depending on certain price levels and patterns, the rules will tell you when and how to enter. There’s an indicator that does all the lifting for you – it’s featured in this second video…

Very clearly, you can see an ATO 2 Short signal followed by a drop in price activity. That looks like a winning trade worth between 2 and 3 points! It’s not necessary to take the second signal, a “Chaser” ATO-C short signal. If you were using a 5-Minute chart, the signal would have been worth over 6 points. That’s a lot for one trade that’s over with in a few minutes! Normally, John Paul recommends switching to a 1-Minute chart when the ATR is above 5 points. However, if you want to trade with a greater potential loss value per trade, the 5-Minute option remains available.

How do you get the ATO 2? Right now, the only way to get it is with the the $500 Group Mentorship deposit or full enrollment. All of the Mentorship details are here including the next start date. Mentorship is a complete educational package designed to take traders of all experience levels, regardless of where they’re at, through a complete re-interpretation of how the markets work through price action. The idea is to emerge a competent price action trader with an repertoire of techniques for various conditions.

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