Finding the Best E-mini Conditions: $100+ Potential Per Trade

We want to trade only when conditions are ideal. If the market is too fast or too slow, why risk it? Lately, the regular 5-Minute E-mini S&P 500 has been too fast. There’s been a lot happening in the news regarding the 2020 Election, COVID-19, etc. The financial markets have reacted to such events, again and again. This is why we use a 1-Minute chart, because it “condenses” the volatility and opportunities into sizable “chunks” we can work with.

Seen here, our methods work great on a 1-Minute chart, such as the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, and ATO 2. Note the ATO 2 is not shown in this particular video, but the website posted such a video just last week with all three methods.

As you can see from the thumbnail, the market conditions allowed for “$100 per trade.” Actually, it can be more than $100, depending on the related signal and how many contracts you’re using. Contracts act as a multiplier for profit and loss and incur extra fees per contract. However, the win/loss caused by additional contracts “outpaces” the broker fees (unless your broker is charging high prices, of course).

We like it when multiple signals say “go long” or “go short.” In our minds, two systems confirming the same thing means a greater chance for a win. The Atlas Line gives the big picture of what price may well do in the near future. It also can tell you, at a glance, whether long or short trades are recommended for your other systems. If you know whether your betting on betting on either red (i.e. long) or black (i.e. short) in roulette, for example, that’s halfway to placing a trade. The next step is knowing when. That’s what the signals are for.

Here, we have many signals and a real-time trade placed in the second half of the video. When scalping, it’s especially important to place a trade right after the signal appears (i.e. at candle close when the price action entry pattern is complete). The full explanation of what constitutes these entries is disclosed in the live training, training video, and written course.

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