Trading Coach Confirm’s Student’s E-mini Scalp Trade

John Paul, founder of, recently shared this video with his commentary. He received the recording from a student who wanted to confirm whether he traded correctly based on the real-time Trade Scalper signal. For those who do not know, the Trade Scalper is a price action trading system that can be used for many types of markets. In many of the DayTradeToWin videos, you will see the E-mini because the ES is the most popular futures market.

In the included training manual, training video, and live training session, you will fully learn how to find these trades on your own. That’s right – you don’t even have to use the Trade Scalper signals. We like to use them, as do many clients, because it just makes it easier to find the trades. You can configure a sound to play whenever a signal appears. If you’re doing other things on your computer, you can quickly switch back to NinjaTrader, place a trade, and once it’s over, go back to other work.

With any type of trading, it’s important to practice for a while with a real-time, simulated data feed/account. This way, you can set yourself up with a reasonable amount of play money and see how you do with the risk of real loss. If you see success, you may want to start trading the MES (Micro E-mini S&P) because of reduced costs. Keep in mind that scalping the MES will produce small profits because the MES is already reduced. It’s still a great stepping stone on your journey to become a day trader.

If you would like to add the Trade Scalper to your arsenal, you may do so through the official page here.

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