Trends: How Many of Us “Have Them?”

While the title of this post is a play on words from a popular 1984 hit by the group, Whodini, there is no illusion here. Rather, we’re focusing on clear and concise price action rules you can use to identify and manage trends on your day trading charts.

As a matter of fact, this part one of a two-part webinar series that was recorded in front of a live audience. As with the case with actual good friends, the same may be said for trends: most of us would probably prefer having more of them than less. In reality, trending days are less common than those with rather spontaneous chop.

If you’re brand new to price action concepts or DayTradeToWin, then start with the first video. If you’ve seen some of John Paul’s footage in the past, you can probably skip the first video and go right into the second. Both are posted below.

Part 1: Applying the ATR correctly, live Trade Scalper signals, and chart types

Part 2: Identifying trends and counter-trends, mitigating loss with pivot stops, handling reversals, and examples

While you may become an expert in identify areas of where not to trade, what about finding those potential winners? John Paul believes his trading methods are best suited for that purpose, whether that be the Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, ATO 2, Roadmap, Blueprint, or any of the methods taught in the 8-Week Mentorship Program. Mentorship is the only way to get all courses and software in one complete package.

Though you may not have any more friends by the time you’re done reading this, you may be able to find more trends. At least, that is the goal of these two webinar recordings. If you want to attend the next live webinar or learn more about price action trading, head on over to the DayTradeToWin official website and sign up:

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