The Global Financial System – What is It Really Based On?

Recently, the U.S. Senate passed the $1T Infrastructure Bill. With all of that money to be allocated for various projects, do you trust that U.S. infrastructure will be improved?

It is conceivable that some politicians have invested in various construction companies that would receive massive contracts. When this happens, the stock associated with that company tends to rise. And in some specialty industries, it is not much of a mystery as to who will be awarded the contract. Of course, lobbying and behind-the-scenes negotiations are conceivable. Who knows what really goes on? Insider trading and special interest groups are nothing new.

It is most likely that we will see a number of infrastructure improvements. But, let’s think about that kind of money – a trillion dollars.

All over social media, people are asking, “Does the money actually exist to pay for such a thing?” Allegedly, the U.S. national debt exceeds $28T. See for the real-time count, though such values pretty much have to be estimates. That does not mean those numbers should be entirely discarded.

What hope is there for significantly reducing that debt? Is that even a goal anymore?

It would seem as if money is, essentially, an abstract control tool used to occupy the minds and lives of people, whereby people have commonly “agreed” life-essential goods and services are acquirable for specific value, as determined by various psychological manipulations (social media?), per unit of occupational labor. This means that a portion of one’s time and efforts are monetized to a specific value, to scale as a global system that can be further manipulated. Does one drop of sweat from a noble school custodian’s brow equal three potato chips? Perhaps not in some cases – there appears to be many wealthy people who can earn quite a living without much movement! Yet, as was said in that show from a number of years ago, Dirty Jobs, those occupations many don’t want to do actually provide the infrastructure for the rest of us. Therefore, that undesirable work that keeps everything running, and how enlightened those people are, what they “consent” to work for, may well underpin the value of currency.

As long as people are willing to “agree” not to be disorderly and work for gasoline, bread, and entertainment for certain prices, is that the actual value currency? It’s like one of those self-tying knots – the harder one pulls, the tighter it gets – people are told their neighbors are not to be trusted, that they will take what they have, that they are diseased, etc. so all the more reason to act in self-interest, seems to be the portrayal, no? Orderly conduct and exchange of goods and services – not based on altruism, but ultimately on the belief of inevitable hardship and various other fears – would seem to drive the global system, no? Thus, does the value of currency come from how one can escape from the same situations in which they toil?

It’s no wonder drug problems have been so rampant – they offer powerful escapes, often of an unhealthy kind (this is no solicitation for such things!) – at a price people many can apparently afford. Movies, video games, handheld electronics…yes, they too, can be powerful escapes and they are everywhere! This is not to say such things are bad; there is much creativity and art in these formats.

But, overall, what a system!

Yet, on the other, perhaps positive end, it seems more and more people have been getting into “inner work,” knowing much of the system is bogus and finding peace and connection through various types of meditation, yoga, gardening, and what is called spiritual practice. Self-sufficiency has been a strong desire over this last year and a half. That’s understandable – a person trying to live freely and as harmoniously as possible.

It is in the spirit of individual financial success in the system that we hope you achieve prosperity for whatever may occur in future!

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