Feeling Boxed In? Scalp Your Way Out

Please be assured that the title of this article, scalping, refers to a style of trading, not the historical definition of scalping nor a surgical procedure. Though, you could well think of using a cutting device as analogical tool to “scalp,” redefine, or otherwise transform your life into one of greater freedom.

In this life, it’s easy to feel like you have no options, no way of getting out of a certain situations. And I’m not just talking about finances – obligations you may no longer want to uphold, responsibilities you’ve outgrown, and other aspects of life that no longer resonate with you. So, what can you do?

While there can be great freedom in knowledge and various health and/or spiritual practices, at least for now, there is a dependence on money to sustain vitality. Do you want healthy food? That will likely cost money unless you are among the fortunate who have inherited some land in a hospitable climate where various foods can be grown without much labor or materials. For most of us, we need to pursue money on a daily basis. However, a health perspective about money appears to be most essential at this point in time in which we find ourselves living, with options, distractions, schemes, and so forth, everywhere and easily accessible!

At this time, the “making” of money can be done in various ways; perhaps the number of occupations that exist today, with all of their attributed titles, now are of greater number than at any point in our past. Are you a metalsmith, a millworker, miner (non-crypto), butcher, or baker? A candlestick maker? Or an administrative assistant to a legal firm whose specialty is a specific form of criminal law? Indeed, we find occupations with greater specificity, and perhaps, greater abstraction from the purpose of traditional goods or service.

Day trading is a prime example of such an abstraction from the provisions of goods and services. As a day trader, who else benefits from the buying and selling of your orders? Does the nearest farm? Does some large firm who then distributes money to tiered groups of unknown individuals for unknown purposes? Presumably, this wealth is hoarded or distributed in some pyramid model, whereby those at the top accrue the largest share and those nearest the base find themselves seeking more. Does the custodial contractor who, every night, empties the wastebaskets of the executives whose offices nearly scrape the skies also aspire for more? Does this person also aspire to have greater experiences in her life? Indeed, it is likely so, though she may not be directly aware and blames the so-called “rat race.”

This is why day trading presents a unique promise. Those following the “Wall Street Bets” saga have heard tales of rags to riches: donations of handheld gaming devices to youth hospitals, consolidation of debt, and other triumphs of charity and financial security. Indeed, the abstraction of day trading, however it is done, whoever receives the money, whatever happens to the money, if the money was ever truly “there” or could have been, falls to the wayside when the appeal is to resolve a state of affairs in one’s life and of those in others’.

May you find great success in day trading, especially those of you who are trading futures – a most interesting style of financial exchange with many options for how one chooses to trade it. The video above, from John Paul at DayTradeToWin, focuses on a style of trading called scalping. This video focuses on the E-mini S&P 500, arguably the most popular futures market.

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