5 Markets Traded Using Atlas Line’s Price Action

If your trading platform allows you to trade multiple markets, then why just stick to one? For many years, whether on television or on websites, you have properly heard about “diversifying your portfolio.” Well, this video isn’t about stock trading, but taking a diversified approach to futures trading can also be helpful. If one instrument begins to chop, or there are no more signals, by all means, look at the next best-performing market.

This video shows several markets. The E-mini S&P 500 (ES) is the first as that is the most commonly used with the DayTradeToWin trading methods. From there, the Atlas Line is applied to the Euro (6E), Dow (YM), Nasdaq (NQ), and Micro E-mini S&P 500 (MES).

A word of caution – just because futures markets are open nearly 24/7 and you have many to pick from does not mean that trading as much as possible is advised. In fact, over-trading is a thing and some traders fall into this pattern, subjecting themselves to increased risk and losing any gains they recently made. John Paul (creator of the Atlas Line) from DayTradeToWin has said to trade those markets that have the best chance of performing well while paying attention to the times that have worked the best for you. It is true that one does not know if day will be a winning day or not, so the reliance almost has to be on “what has worked in the past.” But with that comes a disclaimer that past performance does not indicate future results. That’s just the nature of trading – you can have great wins and great losses. It’s all about consistency over time to measure whether or not trading has been a worthwhile endeavor.

Are you still using the same methods to day trade, day-in and day-out with low or moderate levels of success? Then it may be time to rethink how you approach trading. It doesn’t make sense to repeat the same trading patterns and hope that things will change, that a new pattern will emerge, starting tomorrow. Of course, we do wish you the greatest success.

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