Day Trading: Do Your Thoughts Create Your Reality?

If you have been on social media and have interesting friends or acquaintances, you may have seen the phrase “Your thoughts create your reality.” This has been a part of the so-called New Age concepts for decades and has roots in ancient practices. Those of ancient days allegedly created sculptures in order to manifest that which was sculpted. The belief is that if the object of desire enters the human mind and heart in a certain way, perhaps a certain frequency, then the condition is more likely to manifest in reality. But, during these times, it is said human beings are not fully told of such abilities; the late Secret book of significant popularity maybe spoke of a partial truth. Is it the case that the mass fear and anxiety interfere with the ability to create optimal realities and experiences? Many believe this is so.

For those who seek to manifest, day trading presents a unique opportunity. Can one control success through visualization? Belief in a trading system that works? Should there be any credence given to the notion that the market is controlled and will eventually “shake off” successful traders in due time like fleas flying off the coat of a dog drying itself by rapid shifting of its fur?

Maybe the ideal recipe for manifesting success is to believe the method will be successful. Going with a strategy that you believe will be successful could be part of the metaphysical, reality-defining paradigm of experiencing prosperity. After all, we have heard how some people “can’t do no wrong” and others find themselves perpetually challenged. Is the “golden ticket” a mindset in which believe in success is the key? Are pessimists less likely to experience success? This may be so.

This may be why traders who use DayTradeToWin courses and software may be able to find success. The understanding that the company has been around for over a decade and helped thousands of traders drives the belief and belief may help manifest success. We live in a quantum world, right? If our very consciousness is part of the equation, who is to say that our beliefs account for nothing in our experience of reality? In fact, it would seem the opposite is true!

Does that mean one should be careless, drive out to the nearest gas station and spend hundreds of dollars in lottery tickets? No, of course not. Belief may well extend into the subconscious. Perhaps those who play the lottery time and time again engrain a feeling that winning is not possible and this extends deep into the subconscious. Practical math comes into play; look into the story of Stefan Mandel who, at a time when the lottery could be played a certain way, repeatedly one due to his math whiz calculations and extensive ticket acquisition practices. You may also want to look into the story of the Australian Bill Morgan who won the lottery multiple times after emerging from a coma. In fact, there’s a video of him winning $250,000 AUD live on television when he was supposed to be reenacting his first win. Do you think that has anything to do with him putting forward the emotions of being a winner (reenacting a previous win) at the time of his recorded second win? What are the chances of that? Perhaps he was setting an example of possibility; maybe not just in terms of lottery, for the rest of us. How uplifting!

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