Did You Expect 2021 to Be an “Up Year?”

It seems that more and more lately, the more you turn on the news, the grimmer the forecast. So far, 2021 has been all about alleging disease variants dangers with a confusing (and stressful for some) switching of what is permissible, what isn’t. Many in the world still appear to be dealing with great divisions in terms of what to believe when it comes to family, friends, and general public interaction. Yet, somehow, the wealthiest still managed to make even more money. The stock market, a highly manipulated tool of distributing and controlling finance, has reached new heights despite the challenges the everyday person experiences. How is that so?

The “little guy or gal” is regularly trying to find stability and new ways to have an abundant life. This has led many to consider new potential income sources, such as day trading. Though it may be high risk, perhaps many, especially those who live in cities, now feel they lead high risk lives with constant fear and disconnection campaigns intoxicatingly luring their realities in new directions. Day trading answers the desires of independent, stay-at-home income. But the thing is, can day trading really be relied upon? How accessible is it to the average person with no experience?

John Paul from DayTradeToWin attempts to bridge the gap in understanding by offering a shortcut to learn the essentials and much more—namely discreet price action trading techniques—aimed at making the most of “pandemic markets,” manipulated conditions, and short-term intraday scalping. Recently, he made his Blueprint method accessible. This is a versatile technique as it allows for short-term trading, similar to scalping, while also showing effectiveness for larger time frames such as hourly and daily charts.

These daily charts provide a larger picture of price activity. If you look at 2021, you will see that the year has been an “up year” despite all the agendas that are likely going on behind the scenes. This was predicted by the January Effect, a free price action trading method John Paul has taught for many years. What about 2022? By early February, January of 2022 can be used to determine if the up-year-factor applies to 2022. If so, one can look for retracements of 50% toward prior highs. This is a key aspect of this method.

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