DayTradeToWin Roadmap Review: +5 Points, 2 Trades, 1 Day

In science-fiction movies, you may have noticed that advanced starships use guidance systems that plot courses, advise about potential dangers, and navigate through cosmic terrain. Given any condition that may be inhospitable or questionable, guidance is typically sought. Many of us use GPS driving routes that we are familiar with. Why should day trading be any different?

Though there may be more of a guarantee of a successful arrival at a destination vs. a successful or profitable trade, day traders have been relying on guidance systems in one form or another for decades; in fact, one can argue since trading began. If one can forecast weather, that person can made deductions about the crop yield, and thus have a potential advantage in the markets.

Blast off with all systems-go – get the Roadmap software

The aim of the Roadmap software from DayTradeToWin is to provide a guidance system that confirms, filters, and provides opportunities throughout the day. At any moment, it is possible to look at the Roadmap and see if price is trading toward a Roadmap Zone. Such a Zone, according to the technique, is indicative of a potential reversal OR a continuation. That may seem confusing. How can the Roadmap be of any use if opposite possibilities make occur? That answer is that a Roadmap Zone can be seen as a boundary of possibility. Price is expected to do something significant.

If this is understood, then you may consider placing a profit target or stop loss in relation to a Zone line. If you are in a trade and price is favorably approaching a Zone line, you may want to exit the position at profit before price nears the Zone (with the expectation of a reversal). In a similar way, if there is a continuation, you could position a stop loss near the last Zone that was intersected.

Get the Roadmap signals with Zone lines

The goal of the Roadmap is +5 points a day, which is what occurred in the videos above. On this particular day, each trade was worth +2.5 points. Price action determines the profit target and stop loss. These days, a 1-Minute chart is the chart most often used. The ATR (Average True Range) is a way to use price action to measure volatility and thus determine the profit target and stop loss for each trade. This remains true for nearly all of the DayTradeToWin trading methods.

With purchase of the Roadmap, you will get both a training video and live training. These two things ensure your understanding of the method. Two bonuses are included: the ABC Software and How to Trail a Stop instructional video. The ABC Software provides even more signals, which can work with the Roadmap. Normally, the ABC Software plots a couple of signals a day in the afternoon.

If you want all courses and software in one complete package, the DayTradeToWin Accelerated Mentorship Program is the way to go. Lifetime Licenses are included for everything. The Roadmap remains as the star of the show, but with the Roadmap, using another method is recommended, just because of how well the Roadmap can filter and confirm some of the other signals.

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