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Want to learn day trading free of charge? We recently conducted a live webinar. You can pick up a few tips here. Towards the end of the presentation, our ATO 2 signal software generated a long (buy signal) in the E-mini. The trade went on for longer than the scheduled webinar time. However, the recording continued. Watch the video below to see the outcome of the signal. The trade wouldn’t have been held much longer. About 20 minutes maximum is one of the rules. The rules are fully explained during the included live training. We also provide a training video, so you can get started learning right away. The ATO 2 is designed to find big moves soon after the market is open. Generally, the markets are more volatile during the first couple of hours.

The video below is what occurred earlier in the webinar. The main focus is the new increase in volatility we’ve been seeing the last week or so in the E-mini S&P. For many traders, the greater volatility is a relief. The market was too slow before. When the market is slow, price movement usually stays in a tighter range and doesn’t take a prolonged direction. To assess volatility, we use the ATR (Average True Range) with a Period value of four. We use the ATR the same way when determining the profit target and stop loss. It’s important to stay realistic when placing the profit target and stop loss. If the market is volatile and your stop loss is too small, you can get stopped out early and lose out on a potential winner.

Learn Day Trading Free – Consider Alternatives

If you want both the ATO 2 and the Atlas Line, you can purchase them individually. We recommend going with the Mentorship Program instead. Your ability to learn day trading free usually results in lower-quality courses. It may be better to make the investment in your education. Mentorship is an eight-week trading school that includes all of our courses and software with lifetime licenses. Instead of learning one or two strategies, you can learn over ten and discover how they work together to form one complete trading plan. There aren’t any other programs out there like it. Many of our students come from other trading schools or rooms that did not provide the results they expected. It happens – the trading industry is full of promises, certainly when it comes to trying to learn day trading free.

We like to stay realistic and tell you up front that trading is not a get rich scheme. It takes practice, testing, and the financial ability to take on high-risk investing. No matter how good a trader you are, you will lose money. Being able to afford these losses, keep up with your bills and responsibilities, is also part of being a successful trader. Be sure to only trade with money you’ve designated as risk capital.

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