Free Market Forecast Techniques for Day Traders

What if you could predict when big sell-offs are about to occur? While no trading strategy can guarantee performance, you are invited to look at the Atlas Line signals from DayTradeToWin. A variety of chart time frames are used: 5-Min, 1-Min, and 10-Second. Try practicing in simulated mode first so you know what timeframe matches your speed. The Atlas Line software can work across a variety of chart types.

The Atlas Line software typically focuses on holding positions for about 20 minutes maximum if a profit target or another stop loss is not hit. Of course, you can experiment and hold a position for longer, such as during a forecasted bearish fall. Recent market activity with well-defined ups and downs has made it slightly easier, in our opinion, to feel more confident holding trades longer.

When long periods of high volatility occur, we can switch to a day chart and note levels of historical support and resistance. This video identifies such periods. Remember, markets typically fall faster than they rise. High-frequency trading algorithms compete with one another (as well as retail traders) causing hand-over-hand races to the bottom with only “circuit breaker” activity in play to halt highly volatile events. However, you can review this video to learn how to make this activity work for you. Holding positions longer requires more risk margin, so be sure to check your finances and broker capabilities prior to any significant trading changes.

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