Day Trading vs. Investing – Live Webinar

Day Trading vs. investing – what’s better? Generally, day trading is short-term. You want to get in and out of the market the same day. Rewards can be immediate. Actual stock investments are held for day, weeks, even years. Because short-term gratification is so appealing, day trading is very popular. Do you want to see a recent video showing the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, and ATO 2 day trading strategies? Here is your opportunity. This 50-minute video is also packed full of educational content. There is much to learn.

Here is a list of what you can expect:

5:00 – how to use the ATR to check for volatile conditions and using it for profit targets and stops
7:30 – SuperDOM buyers and sellers, understanding digital markets, how to move orders, and limit orders.
11:00 – what to look for during opening market activity
12:50 – limit order special use cases
15:30 – basics of MIT orders and how to place them
21:00 – how to use Time & Sales
22:30 – managing trades after a failed profit target
24:30 – maximizing reward using ATM Strategies
26:40 – front-running explained and how to do it
28:30 – live Atlas Line signals
37:00 – download our free news software
41:20 – live Trade Scalper signals
46:00 – the difference between overbought and oversold price action
48:00 – the best way to close positions
50:40 – live ATO 2 signals and how it works

Day Trading vs. Investing – Why Not Both?

When considering day trading vs. investing, think about your goals. Do you want to “cash out” on a regular basis? Day trading may be the better option. Do you have a lot of money to set aside for investments and prefer to check in on your portfolio occasionally? Then you should probably speak with a broker who can tell you about all of the types of funds you can get into.

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