Winning Day Trading Strategies (Webinar)

Want to see multiple day trading strategies produce winning signals? In this live webinar attended by many traders, John Paul shared his ATO 2, Trade Scalper, and Atlas Line strategies in real-time. These strategies were applied as indicators on his charts. They agreed on the direction, as short signals were given. When multiple strategies agree, you may have a better chance of making a profit. Of course, there are no guarantees in trading because it’s a risky endeavor. Nevertheless, be sure to jump to about 20 minutes into the video to watch these signals.

The ATO 2, one of the many day trading strategies, focuses on the first couple hours of the day. The software produces text signals for the main ATO 2 long and short trades as well as supplementary Trade Chaser trades, which also can be long or short. You can think of this strategy as a breakout method. Multiple signals are usually generated every day. You’re fully taught how to find the trades on your own without the software. The ATO 2 is based on the original ATO, which has been utilized by traders for many years.

More Day Trading Strategies

The Trade Scalper is a way to get in and out quickly using small profit targets and stops. You’re not looking to make big money on each trade. The idea is to win many trades per day while minimizing the risk on each small trade. The maximum stop loss is six ticks. The Trade Scalper software draws horizontal and vertical lines on the chart. Using these lines, you can determine whether a Trade Scalper trade is likely to appear in the near future. In just the morning time alone, you can see six or more trades. This is one of the most popular strategies offered by DayTradeToWin.

The Atlas Line produces slightly more trades than the ATO 2 and is also used on a 5-min chart. The Double Bar Long and Short trades are the main bread and butter signals. The Strength and Pullback signals are supplementary and are useful for days that trend or reverse after the main long and short signals. Traders like the Atlas Line because of the long, dashed line that forms throughout the day. You can often see price “bouncing off” the line. Therefore, you may want to use the line as a support and resistance tool. DayTradeToWin has produced many videos showing how it can be used to complement other techniques.

As indicated, Day Trade to Win has a number of day trading courses plus an eight-week Mentorship Program. The Mentorship Program puts you in a room with John Paul as he explains each of the day trading strategies and how they work together to form a complete trading plan. New classes begin all the time, but be sure to get in early.

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