Trading Challenge Tests Signals in Live Markets

Every so often, John Paul from conducts a live webinar. He invites thousands of traders to see his signals in real-time conditions. Below, you’ll find a recent recording from one of these presentations. The focus was recent successful trading days as well as signals from the Atlas Line, ATO 2, Trade Scalper, and Roadmap. It was presented as a trading challenge, whereby John Paul set out to show the viability of the systems. These products are sold exclusively by The entry signals are based on unique calculations. Beginner traders often quickly find themselves comfortable with these methods. Live training, videos, and courses usually accompany each product. Also, you will see two winning trades. One trade is based on the Atlas Line and the other uses the Trade Scalper.

Trading Challenge Part 1

  • 00:00-13:30: Looking for entry opportunities using the ABC method
  • 13:31-14:50: Multiple days of Atlas Line signals
  • 14:51-16:56: Introduction to Trade Scalper, ATO 2, Atlas Line, & Roadmap
  • 16:57-17:56: Roadmap and ATO 2 on a 5-min chart
  • 17:57-20:14: Atlas Line signal produces a winner in real-time

Trading Challenge Part 2

  • 00:00-02:34: Using an ATM Strategy with the Atlas Line
  • 02:35-06:39: Risk and trade management techniques
  • 06:40-07:28: Customizing the Trade Scalper settings
  • 07:29-11:28: Audience Q&A involving the bar timer and Atlas Line
  • 11:29-13:26: Did you know the Atlas Line can be used on a 1-min chart?
  • 13:27-19:08: How news events impacted the markets + signals
  • 19:09-22:39: Trade Scalper signal produces a winner in real-time
  • 22:40-27:09: When John Paul thinks the market is best for trading

Want to register for the next live webinar? Head on over to and sign up to learn about the trading courses. You’ll be added to a list to get the next invite.

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