Day Trading in 2018 Using Atlas Line

Here’s a recent Atlas Line trade. The Atlas Line is a day trading indicator that works with many different markets. The market being traded is the E-mini S&P March contract (03-18). The market has produced some great opportunities lately, despite some trading systems having difficulty with the chop. At around 10 a.m. on Jan. 29, the Atlas Line produced a short signal. Price was at 2869. The ATR was at 2.56. For the ATR, use a Period value of 4 and your ATR will look similar. An ATR of 2.56 translates to a profit potential of about +2.5 points, or +10 ticks.

John Paul was able to enter the trade within about one tick of the entry price. The result was a winning trade. If you had been trading about five contracts, for example, your profit would have exceeded $500. Keep in mind, this is an estimate and there are no guarantees of accuracy with any trading system.

Day Trading Tips

There are several key points to consider when using our trading systems:

  • Stay in a trade for as short a time as possible. Get in and get out. Limit the amount of risk your account is being exposed to. It’s not worth holding onto a trade for over an hour. In fact, the Atlas Line rules say 20 min. is the maximum. Day trading means exiting your position before the day is over.
  • Check for news events early in the day. Yes, scheduled news events can cause significant volatility, turning a normally profitable trade on its head. If you know an announcement is about to be made, stay out until volatility subsides. Then reconsider entering again or waiting for another signal.
  • Trading does not have to be black and white, win and loss. Think long-term success. Even per trade, it’s possible to get out at a smaller loss, smaller profit, or even breakeven.

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