Why Aren’t You Using the Roadmap Software Yet?

The Roadmap has been one of the most powerful trading techniques taught in the eight-week DayTradeToWin.com Mentorship Program. The method is taught as the first method to filter trades, even prior to using the Atlas Line. The Roadmap also provides zone lines and entry signals. That means you can use the method standalone with the signals as well as get an expectation of where price is expected to go next.

This video shows the Roadmap in action…

The Roadmap can indicate a number of potentials, such as:

  • Will a reversal soon occur?
  • Will the trend soon be over?
  • Is now a good time to place a trade?
  • Should I go short (sell) or long (buy)?
  • Should I feel confident about current conditions?

…If you have done any trading, you have probably asked yourself these questions many times.

The underlying idea focuses on finding opportunities through the market’s need to maintain a balance of buyers and sellers. When there’s an imbalance, price can change direction. These form Roadmap zones. Signals are generated when price action set up according to specific rules.

Ready to use the Roadmap? Get it now – enroll in the eight-week Mentorship Program and mention that you want to get the Roadmap early.

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