A Professional Trader’s First Look at the E-mini in 2019

What does it take to be a professional trader? Even if you’ve done well in school and your professional career, making the switch to day trading or trying to earn supplementary income is no easy task. It’s tempting to look at a bunch of day trading courses and software to expedite the process. Are any trading courses really worth it? We’ve seen dozens of people who say they’ve spent thousands of dollars pursuing the trading dream. To competently play a musical instrument, studying the instrument will only get you so far. You need to spend time playing, “hearing” your mistakes, and repeating until you can improvise. No course will teach you that because you must put in some time to gain experience.

Professional Trader 2019 E-mini

What sets DayTradeToWin apart from most trading schools is that their programs are centered around the trading experience. They encourage downloading a trading platform and applying a real-time data feed. The idea is to replicate a live trading environment as much as possible. Using a simulated account, you can track your performance. There is no true way to replicate the live account experience, but NinjaTrader makes a solid effort.

Professional Trader Concerns in Early 2019

Right now, we’re seeing the E-mini S&P 500 market recover from a considerable period of bearish activity during December 2018. All the traders are asking, are we in a steady reversal period of bullish activity? So far, so good. The bullish activity has been fairly consistent thus far. Of course, futures traders can make (and lose) money in both up and down markets. What most traders dislike is choppy activity, where the market cannot make up its mind and appears more random than normal.

Speaking of unpredictability, your trading research may have produced articles discussing how AI trading systems manipulate the market to trick average Joe traders into placing losing trades. Heading into 2019, we have no reason to believe that these extremely fast trading systems will be any less impactful. Perhaps now is the best time to distinguish yourself from the heard and take a look at how sticking to specific rules can keep you on the same path. Take a look at these trading courses.

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