One of the Fastest Price Action Scalping Methods You’ll Find

Some people prefer scalp trading over methods that focus on fewer, larger moves. With scalping, you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. You spread your trading day over a larger period of time to account for variability or certain “moods” the market exhibits throughout the day. Does six or so opportunities per day interest you? Then maybe it’s time to take a look at DayTradeToWin’s Trade Scalper as seen in the video below.

John Paul uses the Trade Scalper to find an opportunity worth 1.5 points (6 ticks). This video shows the signals and order process unfolding in real-time. You can get the same type of experience using NinjaTrader’s real-time data feed. Practice is encouraged regardless of experience. A trade worth 1.5 points ($75 using 1 contract) may be small peanuts, but if you have 6 winners, that’s a potential of $450 before any commissions, etc. Of course, there is always room for substantial loss and losing trades is a part of trading. Many traders who begin to trade with real money eventually use more than 1 contract. If you use 2 contracts, for example, you can double your profit, loss, and commissions.

With the included training and other videos made available, you’ll learn all about how to scalp trade using the different order types: stop orders, limit orders, MIT orders, and market orders. You can trade directly from the chart using Chart Trader or go with the more advanced SuperDOM. Once a signal appears, you can look at the current conditions and decide if it’s worth taking. Yes, you’re taught what to look for. To make things easier, you can set up ATM Stategies to define the profit target and stop loss ahead of time. Then based on current conditions, select the ATM Strategy that best fits the moment.

After you purchase the Trade Scalper, you’ll get access to the Members area. Member access provides a way to download the indicator(s) and watch recorded training videos. Live training is also included. If you decide to enroll in the eight-week Mentorship Program, a Trade Scalper purchase credit can typically be applied. Mentorship is the most comprehensive program offered by DayTradeToWin, a veteran educational trading company that’s been around for over 10 years online.

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