30-min AutoPilot System Recorded Live Trading

Today the AutoPilot Strategy started the morning placing trades as we watched the system enter and manage the trades automatically. We recorded every trade, and the video is unedited.

Within half hour of trades, the system was up to over $1,000. It gave back some profit on a losing trade but made it back on the next opportunity.

Our Autopilot trading software is proprietary and only available here at DayTradeToWin.com. Developed using price action, you won’t find anything else like it out there!

Why do price action strategies work so well? Simple: The chart is clean and easy to understand. Our courses and software teach you the methods and focus on specific rules for entries, exits, and trade management. When you add the Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, or ATO2 to the chart, the software will provide you with all the information needed to trade with non-nonsense signals. You will notice an IMMEDIATE difference in how the trades appear.

We analyzed vast amounts of chart data, noticed what worked repeatedly, and then automated what worked. That’s what AutoPilot is. That’s what you’ll be using.

  • Focuses on specific periods of the day
  • Designed to hold on to the big moves
  • Designed to limit the time/exposure in each trade
  • Targets and stops can be independently configured
  • Avoids trading unnecessarily
  • Compatible with today’s volatile conditions
  • Daily profit loss management option
  • Can be configured to trade other markets
  • Set the amount of time to be in each trade
  • Let the system trade for you or take control
  • Uses break-even to limit losses
  • Backtested and configured for optimum potential

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