Dow Jones Hits 40K! Is It Time to Buy or Sell? ?

Today is Wednesday, May 16th, and we’re going to talk about the Dow Jones, its recent all-time highs, and what might happen next. This analysis will help you prepare for the rest of May.

Before we begin, please remember that trading involves risk. Do not trade with funds you cannot afford to lose.

Dow Jones Reaches All-Time High

The Dow Jones cash index made an all-time high today, crossing the significant 40,000 mark. Whole, even numbers like 40,000 often influence market sentiment due to their psychological impact.

However, after reaching this milestone, the index started to pull back in after-hours trading. This pullback forms what is known as a “double top” pattern, which can signal a potential reversal or a pause in the upward trend.

Futures Market Analysis

When we look at the Dow Jones Futures (YM), we see a different picture. The YM did not reach an all-time high or form a double top. This divergence between the cash index and the Futures market is significant and suggests two possibilities:

  1. Futures Market May Catch Up: The YM might still reach a new high, confirming the double top pattern in the cash index.
  2. Potential Pullback: The divergence could indicate that today’s high is the peak for now, leading to a significant pullback, especially as we approach the elections.

Market Outlook

Given the current market conditions and the psychological impact of the 40,000 mark, a pullback seems likely before any further upward movement. This means we could see another buying opportunity later in the year, possibly towards the end of 2024.

Day Trading Strategies

For day traders, it’s crucial to use different strategies to capitalize on these market movements. Here are some effective methods:

  1. At the Open Method: This price action-based strategy focuses on breakouts at the market’s opening. Today, it signaled a long position right at the start.
  2. Atlas Line: Provided by Day Trade to Win, this tool indicated another opportunity to go long, marked by yellow dashed lines and triangles on the chart.
  3. Trade Scalper: Designed for one-minute charts, the Trade Scalper also showed multiple long signals at the start of the day.

Combining these methods can provide a robust trading strategy, whether you’re trading the E-mini S&P 500, Dow Jones, or NASDAQ.


If you have any questions, visit DayTradetoWin and sign up for a free member account. They offer free software for NinjaTrader and TradingView, including the ABC and News indicators.

Until next time, good trading! If you want to learn more about trading price action, check out our next video, like, and subscribe to our channel.

Happy Trading!

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