The Importance of Your Trading Edge Against All Odds

Importance of Your Trading Edge

The importance of your trading edge is more than having a single strategy, it can be a combination of several strategies. These factors come together to give you an advantage among other markets. As we all know, a trading edge is far more than just a few strategies you wrote on a paper.

Trading is all about your consistency over time, this is the goal we want to achieve. Finding a style of trading that works for you is the most important part you shouldn’t miss. You need to plan your attack if you want to stack the odds in your favor.

Similarly, a favorable risk to reward ratio and an effective pyramiding strategy should be at the top of your list when developing your edge.”

Justin Bennett | August 25, 2017

Bad days would really occur, may it on the beginning but don’t assume it will go wrong all throughout, you can make up the difference later. When you use the ATO 2 and the Trade Scalper, getting more signals are more chances for recovery.

The thing you want to achieve is to know how to establish each one, and then to execute the art of patience and discipline.

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