Trading Circuit Breaker S&P E-mini Conditions

As a day trader, what should you do when the markets close early due to very high volatility? Well, not trade because you can’t. There are multiple levels, or “triggers,” with responses:

Level 1: triggered when S&P falls 7%, trading halt for 15 min.
Level 2: triggered when S&P drops 13%, trading halt (again) for 15 min.
Level 3: triggered when S&P drops 20%, trading stops for the day.

Back in 1987, a the Dow crashed 22.6% in a single day. Regularly, we have seen similar crashes.

As demonstrated in the video, it’s still very possible to trade these conditions via the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line. Note that with the Trade Scalper, you may want to use a 1-Min chart instead of a 2-Range. The 2-Range may simply move too fast to get a sense of what’s going on and what ATM Strategy (predefined profit target and stop loss) you should apply.

How long will the markets behave erratically? There’s talk of eventually switching to a gold or silver standard in order to replace a long-corrupted fiat financial system with corrupt global controllers. If this is true, the situation would need delicate handling and stimulus money in the hands of citizens to help recover from livelihood damage/costs. There is also talk of standardizing an official U.S. form of cryptocurrency. Of course, these may simply be wild ideas and we may simply go back to our traditional forms of currency once the virus is deemed non-threatening. What do you think?

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