How Do You Scalp the E-mini?

Scalp trading is a technique that focuses on fast, in and out trades. By scalping, you can potentially have many small profitable trades instead of risking an open position for a longer period. The shortfall of scalping can be sudden volatility that may prematurely hit a stop loss. However, the Trade Scalper method from DayTradeToWin has stood the test of time. The trading strategy can be used on 1-Minute or 2-Range charts. The real-time signals will tell you when and how to place a trade. A Long signal is a buying opportunity. A Short signal is a selling opportunity. The accompanying course and video teach you the method in full.

Look at those three points of profit! Twice! In the past, when markets were less volatile, a profit target of three or so ticks for the E-mini was the average. As seen here, the volatility has given us the opportunity to go for much greater. Some would not call this scalping, but we still do, as the profit target and stop loss is dynamic. In other words, we base our risk on what the markets reasonably “allow” us at the given moment. It’s a mechanical approach to manage risk and keep things sane.

The Trade Scalper is a trading indicator accessible to those who pay for it. That’s for good reason. The method should stay in the hands of serious traders who respect its value. The price tag of $597 or so can be made up with a few trades. Of course, there are no guarantees of winning trades. At this time, many people are looking for alternative income streams. Trading from home has never been more ideal, but do your research and make a wise decision based on your finances as well as immediate and long-term planning. All the best!

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