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We share with you the following presentation showing two trading methods performing in real-time on a NinjaTrader chart. Multiple signals work together to confirm trades, thus leaving the trader with greater confidence. In this case, the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line are used. The Atlas Line is great at providing a long-term intraday prediction of price movement. Multiple trading signals are provided by the Atlas line as well. Additionally, the Trade Scalper is helpful by providing additional signals that can be confirmed in direction by the Atlas Line’s bias for Long (buy) or Short (sell) trades.

There are two main types of Atlas Line signals: Atlas Long/Short and Strength (S) and Pullback (P) signals. The regular Long and Short signals occur upon the second close of a candle above or below the Atlas Line. If above, a Long signal is produced. If below, a Short signal is produced. Regarding Strength and Pullback, those signals appear as small S and Ps above corresponding candles. Don’t get confused with the S&P aspect of the market being traded.

At about 2:45 in the video, take a look at the At the Open 2 (ATO 2) trading method. The ATO 2 focuses on finding winning signals soon after the E-mini S&P 500 opens. Like other trading systems, the ATR (Average True Range) is used to calculate risk. Using a period value of four, the last four bars are used to determine real-time conditions. If the market is fast, larger profit targets and stop losses will be used. Under tighter conditions, lower profit targets and stops are used. This makes trading adaptable. Price fluctuates constantly and you probably wouldn’t want to exit a trade prematurely if price hit a stop loss that was too tight. Inversely, a very large stop loss hit means a loss, so use stop losses that are within a reasonable range. This is what we teach in the course and included live training for all strategies.

Tune in around 6:15, as that’s when the free trading method known as the ABC Method is taught. John Paul spends nearly 20 minutes explaining how to break up the day into three periods: A, B, and C. The method focuses on finding breakouts in the proceeding period based on the prior period’s highest high and lowest low. The rules of which are explained in detail. The DayTradeToWin.com website does provide an automated version of the ABC Method in the form of an indicator: the signals are automatically provided to you. This ABC Method indicator is included with the ATO 2 method as well as the eight-week Mentorship Program.

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