Day Trading School for Beginners and Pros Alike

If you read our last post, you would have seen why the DayTradeToWin 8-Week Mentorship Program has been one-stop shopping for people who want to become pro day traders. This video goes even further, explaining what you’ll get (and learn) week by week. You’ll see signals for many of the methods. If you’ve been on the fence, this video may just convince you to enroll. New classes occur every month, so check out the official Mentorship page for the next class date and times.

  • Week 1 focuses on the ATO 2 method. That will help you identify what is typically the first trade of the day.
  • Week 2 uses a tick chart with a specific value to find Price Action Scalping opportunities. This method is exclusive to Mentorship, as it cannot be purchased standalone.
  • Week 3’s Blueprint Method uses a 5-minute chart, typically. This is a universal price action trading method that focuses on a specific candle pattern.
  • Week 4 moves you through everything that is the Trade Scalper. This method can be purchased standalone is highly popular.
  • Week 5, you’ll be learning the Roadmap. For many, this is the most coveted of all the techniques taught in Mentorship. It is exclusive to Mentorship and can serve as a filter for all of the other methods.
  • Week 6, the Atlas Line is added to your trading plan, offering yet another filter as well as a complete system to identify opportunities with signals.
  • Week 7 & 8 are the final two weeks that teach the ABC, News, and other techniques. Review is incorporated. The focus is also to bring everything together in one complete plan.

So, are you ready to change the way you trade forever? Mentorship is waiting. Take the leap that so many other traders have. It’s time to start winning and time to stop guessing and seeing patterns where there are none. May you find true success in your pursuits!

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