Micro E-mini Trading: DayTradeToWin Blueprint

John Paul from DayTradeToWin shares his new Blueprint software in this latest video. The Blueprint provides long and short signals for many chart types including Renko, Volume, 30-Second, 1-Minute, 5-Minute, Hourly, and Day. The given market conditions and your goals determine what chart type is most appropriate. Because the Blueprint can be used for quick trading and longer swing trading, it is one of the most versatile methods offered by DayTradeToWin.

As demonstrated in this video, the Micro E-mini (MES) behaves similarly to the regular E-mini. The difference is the Micro is 1/10th the size, so this means lesser profit and loss impact as compared to the larger cousin. Therefore, the Micro is a great way to get exposure to real-money trading without the bigger financial impacts of the regular ES. A Micro account can typically be established with lesser funds as well. Some people go from trading a sim/paper account to Micro, then to the regular ES according to growth and consistent success. There are other Micros that existing besides the E-mini. This video mentions the Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and Russell.

After watching this video, you may be asking, “What is the purpose of those blue and red shaded areas?” Those are areas where price has exhibited a limitation, up and down. You could call it a short-duration range. When price closes twice beyond those areas, that’s when a long or short Blueprint signal appears. The color of the range does not determine whether a long or short signal will appear. You’ll learn more in the included training. Both a video and live training are included.

You can use the Blueprint with other DayTradeToWin trading methods such as the Atlas Line. The Atlas Line can provide a larger picture of expected price activity. If both trading systems agree that trading long or short is the way to go, than that’s an additional level of confirmation.

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